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Disney Will Soon Be The Amazon Of Entertainment

The second half of April gave fans the final Game Of Thrones season and the conclusion of the MCU's first saga. As of May 9th, the first 4 episodes of GOT have shown that even HBO isn't capable of maintaining premiere quality, but Marvel has not only met expectations, they have shattered them. Nothing about the MCU has stood out to me more than Disney's incredible management.

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My Thoughts On The Entertainment Market

I am an avid movie goer and tv watcher, much like all happy people, and have seen the demise of many great things. HBO's final season of Game Of Thrones is the freshest and most recent example of how hard it is to be the best. Being "the best" requires greatness over extended periods of time. It is especially hard to maintain greatness in entertainment because it is an art, thus making it the subject of mass scrutiny or mass praise based on minor details. TV and movies aren't like sports, where an NBA team like the Warriors can have a 5 year dynasty of unquestionable greatness or Lebron James can be the greatest physical specimen alive for 15 years straight.

Much like Amazon and Apple, to stay at the top, innovation is key. Disney is the only entertainment titan that is innovating in a meaningful way and they're doing so at such a quick and successful rate that there is no question they will reach the same heights of success as Amazon, within their respective market.

The Medium Of Streaming Is Beyond Vulnerable

There is a very clear hierarchy of streaming services at the moment. Netflix has been the best because of its original content and ad free service. Hulu hasn't had the same success with original content and they've made the poor decision of associating themselves with advertisements, but they've had undeniably better animated content and have captured the younger target audience because of that. HBO GO has been my personal favorite streaming service because they have the highest standard of quality in their curation and originals, but their content targets an older demographic and thus can't be at the top. This is where Disney+ has the opportunity to become unstoppable.

Disney+ Is Inevitable

I was 10 years old when the original Iron Man came out and have had the magic of Marvel super heroes bringing joy my life up until the release of Endgame, which I have just watched as a 20 year old. Not many people, outside of maybe Stan Lee, could have ever imagined the development of the MCU, but we certainly can all appreciate it now. Disney has learned to create content that engages all audiences and ages, from the ability of Pixar to create unforgettable childhood memories, to their R rated super hero films, such as the recently purchased Deadpool.

Disney Owned Entities

Disney recently acquired Fox in the biggest studio merger of all time. What does this mean for Disney+ streaming? Everything. The amount of source content for this streaming service is unparalleled. What I mean by source content is original content that has already been created, such as the Game Of Thrones books that fueled a phenomenal 6 season run for the show, but ran out and lead to a drop in quality. The amount of comic book source material for Marvel and X-Men provides Disney+ with tried and true source material that won't leave them to fill in too many holes. Thus, super hero content can be checked off the list. However, Disney isn't just superheroes. Lucasfilms gives them the record breaking franchise of Star Wars and the ability to continue the movie franchise, the animated tv series', as well as create brand new live-action tv shows, such as the Mandalorian. Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios had been producing box office headliners every year and appeal to both young males and young females, showing resilience and greatness on the animation forefront. Lastly, acquiring 20th Century Fox gives them the rights to James Cameron's Avatar and the multiple sequels he is signed on to direct.

8 More Years of Cinema Dominance

It is currently May 9th, 2019 and Disney already has 48 movies scheduled up until 2027, including 15 films that serve as continuations to the three highest grossing franchises of all time.

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