• Julian Chelsey

TV Show Passion Project (In progress)

The Premise (5/14/19)

I hope to write, direct, and produce an amateur pilot season of a Judd Apatow-esque relationship drama. I want it to be a show heavily grounded in its characters, which trails multiple character development arcs without a clearly defined purpose or plot, similar to HBO's "Girls." I plan to base the storyline in my own reality, beginning with a non-fiction script and gradually pivoting toward fiction as I progress.

Character Tree - Leads (5/15 - 5/18)

To begin in creating a tv show from scratch, I thought creating a character relationship tree would be the best starting point for myself. I spent a large bulk of time analyzing character traits in other Judd Apatow films and shows and focusing on how to create moral complexity.

I want each character to feel relatable to the extent that you can never fully deem someone a "good guy" or "bad guy." Each character has their own insecurities and strengths that they may not realize. Likewise, the characters have deep rooted feelings about the behaviors of the others around them. For example, Sarah's quality of being flakey might be the reason that Vince can't stand her, while Paulo has never thought of her as a flakey person.

The actors and actresses above are people who slightly resemble how I imagine the characters looking like. Brett is not an actor, that is my real friend Brett Quai Hoi.

Story Boarding (5/17 - present)

With characters in mind, my second phase was to think through the season in broad chunks, narrow the chunks down, and then fit them into episodes.

I have no idea how many scenes can fit into an episode, so I've been rewatching a lot of my favorite shows and totaling out the average length and quantity of scenes, as well as tracking transcript length.

It's good practice in the film industry to draw out a storyboard of your movie, much like the one below.

The problem here is that I do not know how to draw or animate. At the start of this phase of my process, I actually made an effort to learn how to draw, despite being artistically challenged for the last 20 years of my life, and it immediately put me in check an lead me toward an alternative storyboarding route, one which utilizes my existing skillset.

The User/Human Centered Design Process...


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