TurboTax Live Onboarding Experience Re-imagined

Tools: Pen & Paper, Figma, Invision

Skills Developed: UX Writing, User Empathy, UX Research

Team: Julian Chelsey, Justin Han, Erin Yoon, Marissa Valenzuela, Sherry Ma, Qianzi Li

| 0 | Abstract

TurboTax Live, launched by Intuit on Nov 28th, 2018,  is a premium plan for filing taxes online. Intuit hosted a design sprint in an effort to utilize the creative minds of UCSD students in an effort to improve the "onboarding experience" of their new release. 

| 1 | Background

In groups of 4-6 students, we were tasked with re-imagining the "onboarding" experience within 4 hours. The onboarding page is immediately displayed to the customer upon selecting the plan, so it must entice the user to commit to the purchase, inform them about the plan, and make the purchase feel worthwhile. 

| 2 | Current Design 

In TTL's current state, users have reported feeling 1. uncomfortable reaching out to an expert, 2. feeling like they did not fully understand how or when to use the service throughout their tax filing process, AND 3. wishing they were given more reassurance along the way. 

The page lacks a sense of warmth and leans heavily toward informing the user rather than enticing them. Furthermore, the sentences below the picture educate the user, but fail to fully alleviate all of the users concerns. Our teams focus was to find an equilibrium between the level of information and the effort toward building an emotional connection within the page. 

| 3 | Additional Research

Intuit Employees were made accessible to all teams, so our team conducted interviews with them to narrow down our brainstorming and test new ideas via rapid prototyping.  

| 4 | Redesign Concept

It was clear to our team that users weren't fully utilizing all the benefits of the service, whether they felt uncomfortable, confused,  or simply didn't know of the benefit's existence. We decided to focus our redesign around creating enhanced engagement.

Because onboarding needs to create a visceral/emotional reaction with the user, we created an introduction between the user and the CPA.


Carol is talking directly to Melissa and explains the "SCHEDULE A CALL" feature from a first person perspective, encouraging Melissa to use the feature and making her feel more comfortable. 

The progress tracker at the top of the screen serves to create a timeline for users so they don't miss out on utilizing the service before completing their taxes. 

Informational sentences below the picture have been modified to better alleviate major user concerns, such as not believing that CPA's are real experts, as well as made more concise to increase the probability of users reading them. 

| 5 | Next Steps​ 

  • Further exploring how to incorporate our modifications into the pages beyond onboarding

  • Present CPA profiles to users while they wait for services

  • Build upon progress tracker to give users reassurance and remind them to speak with experts

  • Make the "CALL" feature more invasive on later pages (example below)


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